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In this article, we will take a look at some of the history of snowboarding as well as some things to keep in mind when looking for a snowboard for beginners:

Virtually everyone has heard about snowboarding - likely because of its debut in the 1998 Winter Olympic Video games, when the snowsport launched into a totally new level. It helped that the U.S. got the gold and silver in halfpipe, so people wished to see more of these "crazy stunts" and "big air flips." Have you ever before hear of Shaun White, whose nickname is the "Flying Tomato?"

Snowboarding may seem to be an extreme sport, but it generally does not have to be; everyone can appreciate it together. You can find a wide variety of people - just cruising around and carving turns, or slipping some rails and catching big air. You can even hike to back-country mountains and make it your own day. But without a doubt, nothing beats a brand new powder day making fresh carves and turns. I'll remember growing up in Colorado and begging my parents for my first  snowboard. I certainly didn't get one immediately - I had to save lots of money and work hard for my first board. But after getting involved with it and learning how to link my turns, I got hooked.

Snowboarding is a huge part of my entire life. When I think about my truly wonderful remembrances of snowboarding (which occurred practically every day for a long time), I cannot believe how blessed and fortunate I used to be to reside that extraordinary lifestyle. I went to Steamboat Springs, Colo., for school, and that is when my snowboarding profession and love really became popular. I could "ride" everyday, so when my skills improved, the entrance way opened to competing for and getting top sponsors. Even today, I still snowboard every chance I get.

So, are you getting as thrilled for the snowboarding season as i am? Not just is snowboarding fun, but it's healthy, too. You could burn to 400 or 500 calories an hour; you work your complete body. I'm talking glutes, hamstrings, calves and surely your quads, plus your core and backside muscles. Snowboarding with your loved ones is also a great way to remain active together this winter. 

The very best situation is learning on a mountain that isn't pure glaciers and isn't too scary. Begin by going for a few lessons or opt for a pal who's a great instructor - and incredibly patient. Maybe this same good friend also offers extra gear for you and can demonstrate the ropes for a day or two. (Bonus offer points if they own a hot tub for the time following the hill, too.)

Getting Gear

The main items to focus on are your boots, bindings and board. It’s likely that you're not hoping to make a living doing this, so you might feel like you need just the essential equipment. However, it is critical to consider that higher-end equipment can provide you with a lot more control, which generally leads to less falling, and that we keep you safe and comfortable. Your local skiing and snowboard shop will hook you right up. Inform them it's your first-time, and they will do their best at letting you know all you need to know.